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This is my (tiny) Weblog. Most of the material here comes from questions from friends and family that get asked over and over again.

It's also about just random thoughts and ideas that have concerned me.

Stay tuned for more articles in the future.

Things to Know About Quakecon
Stuff to know before you go.
Commentary of Modern C
C has changed with technology: find out how.
Small Splendor
Tiny programs (packed with functionality) are a wonder to behold.
Open Textbooks
Free and Open textbooks will change the landscape of education forever.
Advice For Writing Your Game
Some simple advice I have picked up over the years about writing games.
The Media Glut
The enormous amount of digital media available will cause a collapse in it's value.



My name is Steven Schronk and I live in Fort Worth, Texas.

This site contains info about my current projects and research which include the following:

*Game Development
*Web Development


Please feel free to contact me via e-mail:

Github Site:


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