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Programming Projects

This is a list of programming projects that I have published. My projects range from simple UNIX tools for everyday use to more complex analysis tools for Business Intelligence.

My Open Source work is published at GitHub and The GitHub repository should always be considered the blessed repository as the other is used for backup purposes.

These projects are maintained but most are mature and require few updates. There should be no expectation of support provided for these programs nor of their fitness for use. Please read the license agreement for each project for more complete information.

You can report any bugs you find at my e-mail address.

Current Projects
This is a compiler for the Jack programming language written in C.
This is an assembler for the Hack computer platform.
UNIX utility for managing paths across system.
A collection of sample C data structures for my students to examine.
A collection of sample C programs for my students to examine.
Experiments with pixels.

Special thanks should go to both of these services for providing free hosting and support:



My name is Steven Schronk and I live in Fort Worth, Texas.

This site contains info about my current projects and research which include the following:

*Game Development
*Web Development


Please feel free to contact me via e-mail:

Github Site:


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