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This page contains links to my current and previous courses. I attempt to maintain this list, but often have other obligations.

If you have any questions about my upcoming schedule, please feel free to ask.


Introduction to Computing

Overview of computer systems - hardware, operating systems, and microcomputer application software, including the Internet, word processing, spreadsheets, presentation graphics, and databases. Current issues such as the effect of computers on society, and the history and use of computers in business, educational, and other modern settings are also studied.

Business Computer Applications

Computer terminology, hardware, software, operating systems, and information systems relating to the business environment. The main focus of this course is on building hands-on capabilities with business applications of software, including word processing, spreadsheets, databases, presentation graphics, and business-oriented utilization of the Internet.

C Programming

Comprehensive introduction to the C Programming language. Covers syntax, language constructs, tools and techniques as well as the C Standard Library. A practical understanding of procedural programming is required.

Microcomputer Applications

Basic introduction to the modern use of microcomputers. Students lean to work with Microsoft Office applications including Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint. No prior computer knowledge is required but recommended.

Programming Fundamentals I

Provides students with a basic understanding of Object Oriented computer programming. Students learn to use the C++ programming language to write simple console-based programs using branching, loops, recursion, ending with a tour of the C++ Standard Library. Prior knowledge of the use of computers is required.

Database Management Systems

This course covers the technical skills required to implement a database solution in a client/server database management system. Topics include the three fundamental models – hierarchical, network, and relational – with a focus on relational databases. Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to administer a database server and operate database client software.

Electronic Mail Systems

This course will explore the core components and features of mail clients and servers. Topics include installing mail servers, creating and managing mail components, installing and configuring clients, and managing and utilizing mail services. Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to install, configure, manage, maintain, and secure a fully-functional mail environment.

Senior Seminar

This course provides the opportunity to develop and conduct an indepth research project in an area of particular interest in computer networking. Topics include the integration of various concepts into a cogent deliverable designed in collaboration with the instructor. Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to integrate information from various sources while demonstrating subject knowledge relevant to their degree program.
Corporate Training

Transition to Microsoft Office 2007

  • Document Navigation
  • Undo and Redo Functions
  • Paragraph Formatting
  • Creating Tables
  • Adjusting Margins
  • Proofing
  • AutoCorrect
  • Printing Options
  • Chart Basics
  • WordArt
  • Smart Graphics
  • Charts and Graphs

Microsoft Access 2007 Advanced

  • Creating Macros
  • Macro AutoKeys and AutoExec Functions
  • Importing, Linking and Exporting Objects
  • Interacting with XML Documents
  • Database Management
  • Replicating and Synchronizing Databases
  • Database Security
  • Encrypting and Decrypting Databases

Microsoft Excel 2007 Intermediate

  • Managing Large Workbooks
  • Using Multiple Worksheets and Workbooks
  • Advanced Formatting
  • Outlining and Subtotals
  • Cell and Range Names
  • Lists and Tables
  • Advanced Functions
  • Advanced Charting
  • Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts
  • Exporting and Importing Data

Microsoft Word 2007 Intermediate

  • Formatting & Styles
  • Sections and Columns
  • Templates
  • Graphics
  • Mail Merge
  • Forms
  • Managing Document Revisions
  • Macros
  • Outlines and Master Documents



My name is Steven Schronk and I live in Fort Worth, Texas.

This site contains info about my current projects and research which include the following:

*Game Development
*Web Development


Please feel free to contact me via e-mail:

Github Site:


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