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Master of ScienceInformation SystemsTarleton State UniversityStephenville, TexasMay 20043.92
Bachelor of Applied Arts and SciencesIndustrial OccupationsTarleton State UniversityStephenville, TexasMay 20023.36
Associate of Applied ScienceElectrical / Electronic Drafting and DesignHill CollegeHillsboro, TexasMay 20003.79
Associate of Applied ScienceArchitectural Drafting and DesignHill CollegeHillsboro, TexasMay 20003.79
Associate of Applied ScienceMechanical Drafting and DesignHill CollegeHillsboro, TexasDecember 19993.71
Certificate of CompletionManufacturing Engineering TechnologyTexas State Technical CollegeWaco, TexasFebruary 19983.95
Name of Course / CertificateDate
Cisco Exploration 3 - LAN Switching and WirelessMarch 2012
Cisco Exploration 2 - Routing ProtocolsDecember 2011
Cisco Exploration 1 - Network FundamentalsSeptember 2011
Introduction to Programming Microsoft .Net Applications With Visual Studio 2005June 2008
Oracle Database 10g: Program with PL/SQLApril 2008
Implementing Microsoft Windows Sharepoint Services 3.0July 2007
Implementing Microsoft Office 2007 Sharepoint ServerJuly 2007
Implementing and Managing Microsoft Exchange Server 2003February 2005

Business Intelligence

  • Developed Business Intelligence software using Java, Oracle and JDBC tools
  • Analysed Business requirements for custom software tools
  • Developed suite of Online tools to facilitate the development of Business Intelligence tool

Web Design

  • Managed and Designed professional photography website for
  • Designed commercial websites utilizing LAMP, XHML, CSS, JavaScript, and Ajax.
  • Mastered popular development tools such as DreamWeaver, Visual Studio .NET and FrontPage
  • Verified code compliance to W3C standards using the W3C Validation Service and other tools
  • Setup and maintained database-driven websites using MySQL and PHP as well as Access and ASP
  • Setup, Moderated and Maintained Wiki’s, Bulletin Boards and Blogs using WordPress and phpBB
  • Developed highly-interactive website using MySQL and PHP designed to provide customer technical support for a large enterprise. This system tracked help tickets, notified users of progress and provided timely info about IT issues

Linux Administration

  • Setup and Maintained Linux Supercluster for Data Mining of U.S.D.A. Crop Data, and provided 24 hour support for Linux Web and Mail servers
  • Expert knowledge of the Linux Operating System and Open Source Software
  • Administered, installed, and supported packages including: Apache, MySQL, Samba, Postfix, ProFTPD, NIS, NFS, BIND, rsync, and iptables
  • Hardened Linux systems to prevent possible break-ins or unauthorized use
  • Pro-actively protected Linux servers from break-ins with tools like TripWire and SSH

Windows Administration

  • Setup and maintained Active Directory and Exchange Server 2003 in a large enterprise environment
  • Setup and maintained IIS Web and FTP servers using Windows Server 2003 and NT 4
  • Maintained Active Directory network and computers for 550+ users
  • Certified Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 Administrator
  • Troubleshot and Setup desktop CAD engineering workstations
  • Advanced knowledge of all versions of Windows and Windows Server products

UNIX Administration

  • Administered and Maintained Enterprise class Engineering Servers using HP-UX, and Solaris
  • Administered and Maintained HP-UX Oracle 9i Server for Engineering Department
  • Setup HP-UX environment to operate AutoRAID arrays and Storage Area Networks
  • Developed custom software for HP-UX and Linux using C / C++, KornShell, Perl and DtKsh
  • Developed and customized Scripts that resulted in improved systems monitoring
  • Migrated Enterprise from Windows NT 4.0 to Active Directory 2003 using Samba 3.0.X
  • Network Administration
  • Designed low latency high bandwidth network for Linux Supercluser using Cisco products
  • Maintained Enterprise network of 550+ users using Gigabit Fiber Ethernet as well as UTP Ethernet
  • Applied network troubleshooting skills using tools such as Ethereal, Cable Testers, and Dig


  • Developed proficiency in C & C++ including use Standard Libraries
  • Used KornShell & DtKsh for administration of Linux and UNIX servers
  • Maintained and added to engineering websites written in Perl, PHP and Shell CGI
  • Created GTK+ programs in C++ for Linux and FreeBSD
  • Developed SQL queries for Web Databases in PHP and Perl

Teaching and Civic Activities

  • Teach Java, C++ and Data Structures to College Students
  • Delivered presentation to Computer Science Club of Tarleton State University on the topic of Open Source Graphics Development
  • Lifetime Member of Phi Theta Kappa Honour Society
  • Provided free access to Linux and BSD Operating Systems to various Linux user groups and other organizations

Lectures, Presentations and Research

  • "Hardware Requirements for Network Servers” Lecture. 2004. Tarleton State University
  • “Assembly Language: Creating Multi-Mode Programs” Lecture. 2004. Tarleton State University
  • “The State of Open Source” Lecture. 2003. Linux of Tarleton - Tarleton State University
  • “Calculus: The Ultimate Dropout” Lecture. 2002. The University of Texas at Arlington
  • “Open Source Software Game Development” Presentation. 2001. Computer Science Club - Tarleton State University
  • Research in "Use of Network Services at Tarleton State University" published at
  • Ongoing Study of the Accuracy of Domestic Quartz Timepieces
Career TitleOrganizationLocationStart DateEnd Date
Adjunct Professor Of Computer ScienceTarrant County CollegeFort Worth, TexasSeptember 2009Present
Owner / OperatorTake Your PicsFort Worth, TexasSeptember 2006Present
Web Developer / AdministratorElbit Systems of AmericaFort Worth, TexasFebruary 2007September 2009
Computer Science InstructorITT Technical InstituteArlington, TexasFebruary 2007August 2007
Programmer Analyst Merchandising SystemsBombayFort Worth, TexasOctober 2006February 2007
Web Programmer IIMindBrixFort Worth, TexasFebruary 2006August 2006
Infrastructure SpecialistFMC Energy SystemsStephenville, TexasJune 2004February 2006



My name is Steven Schronk and I live in Fort Worth, Texas.

This site contains info about my current projects and research which include the following:

*Game Development
*Web Development


Please feel free to contact me via e-mail:

Github Site:


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